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Listen on your iPhone in just 15 seconds

Phil's podcasts are always on your phone and always free. Listen any time you like.
Step 1: Find this icon on your iPhone
Apple Podcast icon 2.png
Step 2: Click on the icon
Step 3: Click on the magnifying glass 
Step 4: Type 'bovine scatology' in the                  search box 
Step 5: Click on the search result: I'm               Calling Bovine Scatology 
Step 6: Scroll down to an episode you                  like and click on it to listen
Once you're there, click to subscribe and they'll show up on this app when you open it.
If you want to listen to Phil's other podcast, The PodGOATs, just go back to Step 4 and type 'podgoats' in the search box. Make sure 'podgoats' is all one word.
Happy listening!
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